FRIDAY AUGUST 12, 2011 MONTE DE GOZO   5 comments

Rather trust fate,we took it it our own hands and left again this morning at 4:30 to secure a bed for the night in analbergue 22.6km away.  Trusting our yellow waymarks, we missed the detour to the albergues and did not realize until 3km away.  Tired, no water, hungry, 25+ km, should have been at our destinationand we´re not happy.  What to do?  As Mrs. Merner always tells her class; when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  So we eat the few pieces of chocolate, get some sugar into our brains and think more clearly. If we backtrack it will be an additional 6kms. Emily now determined, and it is only 10:30, she suggests that she would rather be 6km closer to Santiago and we continue to the next albergue for a total of 37.5km. Yes, this was our peak day of walking. The previous 29 days prepared us physically and emotionally, but first FOOD!!We stopped at a bar for the first real meal we had all daybesides fruit, nuts and chocolate.

Today´s walk was quite uneventful until our changed destination. The landscape began through some nice eucalyptas (?) forest and then ended with suburbs mixed with some quaint hamlets to a climb to our destination albergue, Monte De Gozo, (Mountain of Joy) for it sits above Santiago in the viewing distance below. we are only 5km awayfrom completing our pilgrimage of 800km. So much JOY!!! We have a bed, hot showers, just ate a huge meal of pasta bolognese, salad, bread and ice cream (saving the beer with lemonade for later) reconnected with Joke from Belgium. Remember we rode the train into St Jean with Joke and we will walk into Santiago Compostella with her tomorrow.


We invite you, tomorrow, Saturday, to walk with us. Maybe 5km or a distance of your choice to be with us in spirit. Maybe ride your bike, swim in the ocean or even drive in your car. But consciously travel a distance for 5km and Think of us and think of the Pygmies.

Sending so much love and gratitude  from the Camino,

Donna and Emily xoxox




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5 responses to “FRIDAY AUGUST 12, 2011 MONTE DE GOZO

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  1. So exciting. I will be walking with you, running with you, leaping for joy with you! You are such an inspiration-both of you!!
    Happy trails to all of us!!!
    Let’s see 4:30 am your time…….

  2. I’ll be walking with you both in RI tomorrow and picturing you walking into Santiago. I’m becoming emotional just thinking about it. I would so much love to be standing in front of the cathedral to watch you completing this incredible journey. It has been said that when we travel, our heads and hearts always travel further than the body. It amazing to think how far your mind has journeyed as well. Will we recognize you??? Last night Cathy Hill held a yoga/dance at her house with donations for Pygmy Land. I told the women about you both and they were amazed, so I consider the $287 collected that night to be part of your pilgrimage money. I am so honored to be part of your lives. Like Tricia, I’ll be doing a few ‘leaps for joy’ up Country Drive in the morning. Can’t wait to see you my dear friends and incredible women, Donna and Emily!

  3. Hope you can feel that we are with you on the last trail hike!!!

    Love and besos, Amalia

    Amalia Pretel-Gray
  4. Welcome, dear Pilgrims, to the end of your journey! But only the end of the physical element. As Betty said, your heads and hearts will still be on the path. I will be imagining that I am with you as I walk/jog tomorrow as well. Cannot wait to hear more about your incredible experiences.

    • Apologies for my delayed response. it’s been over one month since our return and still daily I think of the Camino and just walking with EMILY.
      More to share when I return home for the holidays. Thank you for following us. xo

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